“Estonian Winner 2019” catalogue


“Estonian Winner 2019” time schedule and program

Time schedule


12:00  Presentation of FCI by Yves De Clercq

“Estonian Winner 2019” registration lasts until 16.05.2019

Prices for all participants: 26.04.2019-16.05.2019: dog, veteran 68 €, baby puppies, puppies 35 € (only by e-mail or through online system)

Estonian Hounds – free of charge.

Breeders’ and Progeny Class– free of charge.

Brace Competition and Junior Handling – entry fee 13 €

Registration to “Estonian Winner 2019” with second price ends 25.04.2019

Entry to the FCI VIII & IX 3.-4.08.2019 group shows are now open

Info : Tartu Spanjeliklubi

Live show from ” Tallinn Winner 2019″ starting 15 :00


Show catalogue for “Tallinn Winner 2019”

Show Catalogue for “Tallinn Winner 2019”

Entry to the International Dog Shows 17.08.2019 & 18.08.2019 are now open


Entry form

“Tallinn Winner 2019”



“Estonian Winner 2019” 01.06.2019-02.06.2019, Luige baas

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Time schedule


Entry / 8:00

Two persons with dog free of charge

Parking fees at the showground : daily ticket 5€, buses and caravans 15€ (own parking area)

Family ticket 5€, adult 3€, children and senior 2€

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